Cold Fireworks Machine Rental

Rent Cold Sparks for your event in San Francisco, CA

Rent Cold Spark For Your Next Event!

Yes! Our Cold Sparkler are safe to use indoors! They do not emit any odor, no smoke, or carbon dioxide. however we strongly recommend to check with your venue to ensure that they allow cold sparkler in their venue.

Our cold spark fountain provide you with around 4-5 minutes of firing time in roughly 90 sec intervals

Our rental are based on a 2-hour window. Our technician will arrive, set up the machines and warm them up, 30 – 45 minutes before they are needed. The machines can be used up to a total number of 6-8 times, all within that 2-hour window.

Cold Sparkler machines do produce a small amount of dust from the granules that generate the sparks. This dust can easily be swept or blown away and does not cause any harm to hard surfaces or human skin.

We control both the height of the sparks (from 5 feet to up to 10 feet high) and the volume of the sparks by adjusting values on the controller.

$250 per cold spark machine. We do a 2 machine minimum, so your rental will cost you a minimum of $500 to acquire these machines for your event. We also offer delivery, setup and 2 hour of onsite tech to operate the machine for $275